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I am a design lead at SEB Baltic. I combine business acumen and design methods to identify opportunities and develop design strategies for my organization. I enjoy sharing experiences with design leads and establishing design processes and teams within their organizations. And I am always accessible to design students for mentorship.

Apart from my professional work, I speak and write about design careers, leadership in design, and self-development. Much of my content is based on the struggles lessons and experiences I have accumulated throughout my career.

When not working, I enjoy reading, hiking, cycling, skiing, and spending quality time with my family.

More about me


Where are you aiming?

You have experienced the angst of setting up your CV or profile. What to include, what to leave out… And, what to write at all. This is a short guide based on my mentorship sessions with students.

IT-ametite päev 2023

I designed a short presentation for TalTech’s IT Day in 3 iterations and different views to engage high school and college students on the importance of design in product development across various IT fields.

Updated and restarted

I am trying to overcome procrastination and take a small step into the unknown. I recognize the possibility of solving problems and making a difference by sharing ideas early and frequently.

Using CodeKit 3 with PatternLab 2

Learn how to work with CodeKit 3 and PatternLab 2 efficiently. Take advantage of their rebuilt and faster platforms while controlling CSS generation, reducing dependencies, and saving time with CodeKit as a debugger, code processor, and server.