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Esko Lehtme

Esko Lehtme

I am still learning

As a design lead at SEB Baltic, I use my business knowledge and design skills to find opportunities and create design strategies for my organization. In addition to my job, I like to share my experiences with other design leads and help them establish design processes and teams in their companies.

When not working, I speak and write about design careers, leadership in design, and self-development. I base much of my content on the lessons and experiences I’ve gained throughout my career. I’m always available to mentor students.

More about me


Refresh Conference 2024

In my conference talk at the Refresh Conference 2024, I shared a reflective case study on the tools and methods we used to guide the UX team through breaking points.

How to get what's available: Game theory

With game theory, I created a set of strategies to interact with stakeholders, leadership, and other teams to obtain valuables for my team. I balanced out my weaker position and achieved equilibrium for the common good.

Reverse patina

The things that we cherish inevitably wear out over time. These signs of wear can be seen as a mark of importance and value. The same idea can also be applied to life events, where traumatic experiences can lead to personal growth and transformation. However, it is often hard to see this positive side when we are in difficult experiences.

Where are you aiming?

You have experienced the angst of setting up your CV or profile. What to include, what to leave out… And, what to write at all. This is a short guide based on my mentorship sessions with students.

IT-ametite päev 2023

I designed a short presentation for TalTech’s IT Day in 3 iterations and different views to engage high school and college students on the importance of design in product development across various IT fields.