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What I'm doing now

  • The ending quarter has unfolded in a way I hadn’t initially anticipated. Inspired by the principles of Cal Newport’s ‘Slow Productivity,’ I decided to break down a significant project into smaller, more manageable tasks. These will be distributed among my team and the organization in the coming autumn, focusing on quality and seasonality of work.
  • Agnieszka Wlaszczyk’s seminars and lectures on ‘Leadership: Human Characteristics, Mindsets, Behaviours’ have been transformative. They have guided me to examine my psychological tendencies, biases, and subconscious scripts. Her guided role plays, and final assignment on making a personal development plan were standards to be expected in a university. However, how Agnieszka delivered the content and guided us through the role plays gave me a unique perception that takes longer to process and accommodate into my life but is deeply enriching.
  • I’m excited about the upcoming concert trip to Austria with my choir. The program is very enticing. And surprisingly my singing abilities and voice have undergone a notable development.

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