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Maintaining your LinkedIn profile is important

In my discussions with designers and students, I’ve noticed that students tend to find LinkedIn too formal. Designers view it as an irrelevant social media platform with no connection to their work. On the other hand, students feel like imposters with their perceived lack of experience and skills. However, LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable professional network.
Here are some of the reasons why having a profile on LinkedIn is important.

  • It serves as a credibility tool. Your social connections and shared circles will help others know about your existence.
  • You can showcase your career progression from the early stages to where you are now.
  • Your kind words and praises can make someone’s day and improve their lives.
  • Your experiences and capabilities are connected, and they help present your professional journey uniquely.
  • LinkedIn is your up-to-date CV, portfolio, and case studies.
  • Based on your preferences, your profile is always accessible to recruiters and team leads, making it more likely for you to get noticed by them.
  • You have a platform for your professional messages separate from other social media platforms.
  • You can review, compare, and make data-driven choices for future development plans to stay relevant and move ahead.
  • You can build a network of people who can offer you high-leverage input for the future.
  • You can access private, professional groups through LinkedIn for knowledge sharing, experience, and contacts.