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Updated and restarted

A screenshot of the old container page for

There you have it. I have procrastinated on this project for years, countable in double digits. I have been encouraged by Seth Godin for years to start shipping.

Realizing that there are two things at work here–the willingness to lean into problem-solving AND the willingness to share it–it’s possible to focus on the part that’s holding you back. 1

And Tiago Forte has been on the same lines:

The final stage of the creative process, Express, is about refusing to wait until you have everything perfectly ready before you share what you know. It is about expressing your ideas earlier, more frequently, and in smaller chunks to test what works and gather feedback from others. 2

So here it is, my small and brave step into the unknown with the recognition of making a promise — a promise and encouragement to myself to publish what I have and maybe to make a difference.